Artist Statement

Sean T. Bailey, Ph.D.

We live in a complex world that is structured around what we experience and who we may experience it with.  My innate desire to study these natural and social complexities led me to degrees in Zoology (B.S.), Anthropology (B.A.), and Genetics & Molecular Biology (Ph.D.). My creative effort invites one to explore oscillating perceptions of my reality through various analog photographic techniques.  From this approach, evolving themes consist of exploring transparent dichotomy and contextualizing the experience of the overlooked.  At times, efforts may eliminate to focus on the underlying texture and context of the tangible.  When needed, deliberate confrontation of complex subject matter may be applied to reveal a composition intertwined with supporting organic and harmonious undertones.  The selected medium of choice results in a perfect synergy for my approach.  This helps while exploring the world and accepting it for its natural and social complexities. Through mindfulness, patience, and perseverance I offer to share my perceptions of the human experience. 

Sean is currently based in Hillsborough, NC with his wife, son, and feline companion.

"Dreaming is for those not aware of opportunity"

Featured Personal Work

  • (2019 // Jan 23rd-Feb 17) - Art Show // Points of Arrival and Departure - Margaret Lane Gallery - Hillsborough, NC

  • (2018) Art Show // City and Town Scapes - Margaret Lane Gallery - Hillsborough, NC

  • (2018) Art Show // Orange Count Local Fest - Chapel Hill, NC

  • (2018) Art Show // Art in the Heart of Hillsborough - Hillsborough, NC

  • (2018) Art Show // Carrboro Arts Center - Carrboro, NC

  • (2017) Exhibition (Feature) // One World: The Art of Jesse Kalisher & Friends - Carrboro, NC

  • (2017) Online (Feature) // Physical Grain (January)