Sean T. Bailey, Ph.D.

My childhood consisted of a household filled with infinite support to explore a multitude of interest.  Just adjacent to those walls, there was always an open door for a curious heart.  This environment established a foundation within me to study the natural and social complexities of our world.  I invite you on an open-ended journey to explore oscillating perceptions of my reality through various analog photography and hand-printing techniques. Evolving themes consist of exploring dichotomies and contextualizing the experience of the overlooked.   

Sean is currently based in Hillsborough, NC with his supportive family.

Featured Personal Work

  • (2019) - Joint Exhibition // Merge - Alamance Arts - Graham, NC

  • (2019) - Joint Exhibition // Points of Arrival and Departure - Margaret Lane Gallery - Hillsborough, NC

  • (2018) Joint Exhibition // City and Town Scapes - Margaret Lane Gallery - Hillsborough, NC

  • (2018) Art Show // Orange Count Local Fest - Chapel Hill, NC

  • (2018) Art Show // Art in the Heart of Hillsborough - Hillsborough, NC

  • (2018) Joint Exhibition // Student Show // The Arts Center - Carrboro, NC

  • (2017) Joint Exhibition // One World: The Art of Jesse Kalisher & Friends - Carrboro, NC

  • (2017) Online Feature // Physical Grain

"Dreaming is for those not aware of opportunity"